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Since 1993


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Since 1993



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The production of blue jeans, made from a very solid and cotton fabric called Denim, begins with the roll of this "denim" fabric. This large and gigantic roll is cut and the layers are separated. The separated layers are divided into pieces and shaped according to the models. Other parts such as pockets are mounted with staples. The final stage is the planting phase. Blue-jean is sewn in 100% cotton yarn. A sewing needle enters the fabric approximately 4000 times per minute. Different designs are machined in pockets or other parts by machine.

Leader Denim Manufacturer

Kuzgunlar Textile has a factory area which is around 6.000 m2 in total.
Kuzgunlar Textile has been established to produce denim and non denim outwear products.



After sewing and modeling is completed with the help of the machine, it is passed to the button holes. Again with the help of the machine, the buttonholes are drilled and a steel knife opens these holes. The button is mounted.

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The loops holding the belt in place are also made with the help of a machine. The loops sewn with a cotton thread must also be compatible with the other parts. A further machine combines the two parts of the blue-jean's web and stitches them together. The outer parts of the legs are also erected. Excess stitches are eliminated in these straight stitches. After the fermus placed by the machine again a strip of fabric is added to the belt part.

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