Does your jeans bleed! –  Don’t be scared

Dark-colored jeans become one of the indispensables your wardrobes.

It’s a stylish and handy outfit that we can wear at work or at night.

It is the costume that saves our days.

But unfortunately, it has a bad reputation despite such good features. It is notorious for bleeding its dye.

It’s really annoying to see our dark-colored jeans we love so much, bleed its dye on our white colored furniture, our light colored clothes or our skin.

Even if we wash them a few times, we still witness that the jeans continue to bleed.

Do not think your jeans are bleeding just because they’re cheap. Do not be surprised when you encounter the same problem when you wear expensive jeans of special designers.

So, what do you have to do to prevent your jeans from bleeding?

It’s very easy!

Let’s make list of what to do:

  • You must wash your jeans before you start to wear them.
  • Flip your jeans upside down before washing, and make sure to use cold water during washing. Your jeans may shrink if you use hot water.
  • Wash your jeans seperately. Washing them with other colors may end up with bleeding color on them.
  • Add vinegar to the water while rinsing your jean. Do not be afraid, the vinegar smell will not be permanent. When you hand your jeans to dry, the vinegar evaporates in 5 minutes leaving no scent behind. And it is purely organic. The vinegar will ensure that the paint is well sealed in the jeans. Of course, it would be much better if you wash your jeans by hand. By pressing your jeans to the water, you will make sure that the denim sucks all the vinegar. If you wash your jeans by hand, you also prevent the degradation of your jeans. After washing your jeans, do not dry it in the dryer. This is especially necessary for the keeping the shape of your jeans.
  • Another method is to put your jeans in salt water for half an hour. Thus, the salt will penetrate the jean and will prevent the dye bleed.

Once you have followed all these steps, you will see that your jean does not bleed its dye anymore.

With love.


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