Is it Possible to Make Waxed Jeans?

Yes, and you will be surprised when you see how awesome it turns out!

Do you want your jeans to look like leather at the same time? If your answer is yes, then you better go to the closest jean store and ask for waxed jeans. And now you can have jeans with leather look.

waxed trousers waxed jeans

Let us tell you how it’s made:

Waxed jeans are also called as waterproof jeans, dyed jeans or black-coated jeans. The denim is finished with dye, wax or wax polish in order to create a look that is similar to leather.

The raw denim is covered with wax called “cire” to form a thin layer. After cire has penetrated the fabric thoroughly, it is subjected to hot pressing with the cylinder. The aim is to ensure that the waxed is thoroughly sink into the denim. When cire dries, a hard and dense layer is formed on the surface of jeans. The soft fabric becomes a little harder. It feels like oily when touched. Moreover, this process does not cause any damage to the fabric.

waxed trousers
waxed jeans

waxed trousers

waxed trousers

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