It’s time to wear Jeans at work!

It’s time to wear Jeans at work!

 And finally its Friday. Perhaps the only working day for all employees, perhaps the last day of work, so they can wear it as they want in the workplace. But that does not mean that you can wear as you like only on Fridays. If you pay attention to the jean model you wear, you can also catch classy and classic look you wanted Therefore it will possible to wear jeans whenever you want.

“It’s enough to pay attention to the model and the color of the jean you choose.”


You can easily wear straight or skinny cut jeans in the workplace because it can be worn with every dress and it will be harmonious and highly trendy.

The dark jeans, especially the dark blue tones, are the most desirable model in the business environment because they look more elegant.


Black and smoke grey jeans should be preferred compared to light colored jeans. But be careful, your jeans should not look old worn out. Do not make a mistake that jean fashion of the year says worn-out jeans are a trend. You can make a pretty nice combination with a black or dark denim, a black stylish shoe and a black or dark top.

And if you say wearing dark colors all the time will make you pessimistic, we have a solution for that too. A light color denim and a stylish shirt on top will make a very elegant appearance.

A vibrant color short-sleeved polo shirt with a dark jean combination is also a good decision. Again, a dark t-shirt on the light colored jeans goes well, but be careful not to let the t-shirt wrap you and look shabby.


A skinny jean won’t look good in work atmosphere. It creates an image that is more casual and crazy and it creates the impression that you have not taken your job seriously.

Do not prefer a very loose jean. It will look shabby.

It will be better to prefer your ripped jeans when you go out at night.

Some businesses allow to wear t-shirts and jeans in casual style. But if you want to create a professional image, rather than wearing a t-shirt with your dark jeans, prefer to wear polo shirts.

The jeans you wear should not look dirty and old or people will get a negative impression of your personal hygiene.

The tinted, embroidered and patched jeans are not suitable choices for the business environment.

All you have to do is to wear in accordance with your environment. In doing so, your first priority should not be to follow fashion but to be able to reflect on the clothes you wear and the impression you want to create.

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Written by Kuzgunlar / Denim manufacturer

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