• The word “Jean” comes from the French word Genes.
  • The word • “Denim” was inspired by Nimes, a French city.
  • May 20 is the official birth day of blue jeans. This is the date when Levi Strauss, the inventor of Jeans and Jacob Davis, the inventor of the idea of blue jeans, patented jeans in the US Patent and Trademark Office for the first time with the number 139,121.
  • Jean was first worn only by farmers, some factory workers and cowboys in the Second World War, due to its strength.
  • Until 1960, Jeans was known only as the “working clothes”.


  • Levi Strauss changed this name and turned it into the current known name “Jean”.
  • Many jeans zippers have embossed “YKK” letters on them
  • It is an abbreviation of “Yoshida Kogyo Kabushikikaisha” in Japanese and stands for “Yoshida Corporation”. Japanese zipper maker Tadao Yoshida established this company in 1934.
  • Denim fabric is produced using two-color yarn. One is made of indigo and the other is made of colorless fill yarn. (When you look upside down, you’ll see more clearly that a line of fabric is made up of two rows of dyed and white threads.)
  • The most expensive Jean is the original Levi Strauss & Co 501 jean. Jean, which is older than 115 years old, was auctioned at the e-Bay in June 2005 and found a buyer for $ 60,000. The buyer is a Japanese who does not want to disclose his name.
  • The most expensive pair of jeans today is “Trashed Denim” produced by Dussault Apparel. It costs $250.000.
  • The longest jeans in the world were made by the Chinese. It measures 68 meters in length, 35 meters in width and weighs 3 tons and has managed to enter the “Guinness Records Book”.
  • Many businesses that produce high-weight denim have built factories near cotton fields as they need too much cotton.
  • When you buy a pair of jeans, the retailer gets more than half of the money you pay, and only 12% of the slice goes to the manufacturer.
  • Each American has an average of 7 pairs of jeans.

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