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Kuzgunlar Textile has a factory area which is around 6.000 m2 in total. We have around 1.000 trained workers. Our yearly capasity is about 2.000.000 piece

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Leader Denim Producer
  • A new definition for your right to jeans. The jeans that men can not give up and often prefer are familiar with many different models and usage patterns. Raw denim is defined as the simplest and natural state of jeans as understood from its name. It is never washed again, never processed, and never old. Because jeans have old forms and new forms are becoming new.
  • In order to understand the true beauty of Raw denim, you should be familiar with the indigo dye known as indigo dye. Indigo dye is rarely found and used in making jeans and is a quota blue coloring agent. Most of the jeans are given a blue color with synthetic paint, so it loses its nature.

Women Jeans Manufacturer

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SCHOLARSHIP AND WORK GUARANTEE FOR TEXTILE ENGINEERING STUDENTS University education is so important for denim sector. Because denim or textile sector wants to be expertise. We need the qualified employees for our production also. The machine’s usefullness and quality is the important point for textile sector. The appearance of the jeans depends on these machines.
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Meeting With the Textile Design Center

MEETING WITH THE TEXTILE DESIGN CENTERS In our country we have 272 Design Centers. Our design centers finishing 2.350 project in a year and it increasing Turkey’s qualification of design. 1800 project will have been finishing soon in that design centers. Our design centers not only contribute the country’s economic situation, it also contribute the
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Private Label Denim

Private label denim Denim, especially blue jeans, is the biggest single textile product type sold around the world. This is because of its popularity in all geographic regions, social strata and age groups. The production chain is optimized for bulk production and with the capacity to meet this global demand. This means that the overall