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Kuzgunlar Textile has a factory area which is around 6.000 m2 in total. We have around 1.000 trained workers. Our yearly capasity is about 2.000.000 piece

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  • A new definition for your right to jeans. The jeans that men can not give up and often prefer are familiar with many different models and usage patterns. Raw denim is defined as the simplest and natural state of jeans as understood from its name. It is never washed again, never processed, and never old. Because jeans have old forms and new forms are becoming new.
  • In order to understand the true beauty of Raw denim, you should be familiar with the indigo dye known as indigo dye. Indigo dye is rarely found and used in making jeans and is a quota blue coloring agent. Most of the jeans are given a blue color with synthetic paint, so it loses its nature.

Women Jeans Manufacturer

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The Last Touch to Denim: Washing

The Last Touch to Denim: Washing  The finishing process for jeans creates the final look of the jeans. Washing is a step in finishing process. What we call washing is not regular washing with soap and water. In some jean models you can see that there is a difference in color. It can be among
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How Men Should Wear Jeans According to Women

How Men Should Wear Jeans According to Women  A woman is approaching across the street wearing a skinny jean… You begin to look her attentively from head to toe… Just like you, women do the same for men! For a woman, there is no sexier man than a man who know how to dress. Now
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Do Jeans Have Genders?

Do Jeans Have Genders? When first invented, jeans were only worn by men. Moreover, it was not a reflection of style and fashion, but it was just a working outfit for its durability and usability. So, in the first years when it was produced, the cut was made entirely for male body structure. Over time,