Leader "Denim Manufacturer" producer.
Kuzgunlar Textile has a factory area which is around 6.000 m2 in total. We have around 1.000 trained workers. Our yearly capasity is about 2.000.000 piece

Women Jeans Manufacturer

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Leader Denim Producer
  • Jean is the basic part of every wardrobe. Our low-waist, narrow cuts and pipe skirts, our wide selection of jean pants in the women's collection cover all styles and cuts.
  • Your adventure of finding perfect jean pants - light or dark wash, torn or stylish - never ends. Because women's jeans have always dominated every fashion.
  • A great many companies have continued their fashion adventure with their jeans. Women's jeans fashion is always changeable.
  • A few different accessories, shimmering stones, treats, ethnic touches, destroys ... have always been suitable to be a new model with many ideas. At this point, women's jeans are everybody's fashion, every age, every amenity, everywhere.
  • One of the biggest factors of this is; to adapt to fashion. cuts, stitches, wash tones, a new formation. The combination of these different factors makes a great contribution to the fashion of women's jeans.
    Kuzgunlar Textile
  • Women's jeans are always lively and fresh. because it is easy to use in everyday life and has always pursued fashion. besides all these women's jeans have become more desirable because they are put on fashion factor by strong brands. Thanks to this factor, we have always been vivid and considerable.
    Kuzgunlar Textile

Women Jeans Manufacturer

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